Perla with 'heart dog" ShakaAngel’s Rest Animal Sanctuary 

Founded in 2009 by Perla Medina-Kinne and inspired by Maverick’s plight and health issues, Angel’s Rest’s mission is to provide solutions to the immediate needs of unwanted animals who have no place to go other than a kill-shelter to face euthanization, die alone in the streets or die abandoned at the end of a chain. Our goal is to take animals out of situations where they would be facing imminent danger and provide them with a comfortable place to spend the remainder of their lives, no matter how long it maybe. We take in abused, neglected, sick, old or otherwise unwanted animals and strive to provide everyone that enters our doors with the care they need and deserve to ensure that they live out the rest of their lives in peace, comfort, well fed and loved.  While we deal mostly with older residents that will reside in our sanctuary for the remaining of their days, we do rescues and have pets for adoption.  Of the animals rescued, some will be entering our ELDER PAWS(TM) program as long as their temperament match with program requirements.

We at Angel's Rest excel at providing critical care and physical/emotional rehabilitation for large and giant dog breeds. We are especially fond of the mastiff breeds.  We understand that in this bad economic times, the larger dogs are ending up in shelters in record numbers.  We have a high success record of turning around, or controlling, life-threatening conditions so that the animal is once again healthy, comfortable and/or pain free. We take pride in providing the animals that enter the sanctuary doors with a home environment that promotes happiness, healing and a sense of belonging. Because Angel’s Rest currently operates out of the founder’s and volunteers’ residences, we are limited in the number of animals we can help.


Hank -- Leg amputation due to Osteosarcoma 

We rely solely on donations and the kindness of others.  Won't you please help?





We at Angel’s Rest are proud to announce the inception of ELDER PAWS ™. This program is designed to significantly enhance the quality of life, and match up the needs, of two forgotten segments of our society: elderly citizens and older animals. In Fall 2010, Angel’s Rest will be launching a pilot program where older animals will be pulled from kill shelters and will be matched with elderly citizens who are homebound or are in need of companionship and cannot afford a pet of their own. The senior citizens will provide a loving home for an older animal, while Angel’s Rest assumes all costs for these animals. Our volunteers will make weekly visits to the “foster” homes to check on the pet, perform any routine grooming, bring supplies and also provide the elderly caretaker with much needed interaction. In addition, our volunteers will be on call to address any medical needs or trips to the veterinarian, scheduled or otherwise.

We at Angel’s Rest feel that ELDER PAWS ™ will provide an immediate solution to our current space limitation and lack of a physical facility. Upon satisfactory completion of the pilot program, we will expand ELDER PAWS™ to accommodate more animals and senior citizens.

We cannot do this without your help. If you would like to become an ELDER PAWS ™animal sponsor, please contact us.